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An e-learning platform developed by Cielo Group; Elearn Center. (

Elearn Center

A professional and enterprise development institution that develops e-learning content for organizations (including academic institutions); offers certified and accredited professional courses through a blended approach (online + classroom); and promotes youth skills development.

Flexible & faster learning style

Allow users to access content in their most preferred learning style; visual, verbal, physical, logical, social & solitary, to maximize on personality and improve the speed and quality of learning.The faster I learn, the more cost-effective the solution is.

access content in the simplest way

Allow users to access content in the simplest way possible technically, from the cheapest and basic phone to the most advanced smart-phone. From simply dialing a number to listen to an audio recording, to interactive multimedia.

Works without Internet connection

Provide a solution that can work with or without an Internet connection via Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and SMS, on a basic phone without much memory space

e-learn center features

Responsive Web Portal

The basic e-learning system is a responsive web portal that can be accessed via any device that has a browser module, from basic feature phones to high-end smart phones. This will require Internet access on laptop, Tab, desktop or mobile phone.

Interactive SMS

USSD can be used together with SMS, to initiate content that is sent to the user via SMS. The user can access this SMS stored on their phone multiple times without having to go back to the USSD session. We can also provide an SMS triggered experience using Reply-Enabled SMS Shortcodes.

Interactive USSD

We will use USSD to allow users with simple phones navigate the e-learning platform, to find content of interest and initiate learning. While feature phones and smart phones have browsers, basic mobile phones may have none of those.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR allows users to call a certain phone number which gives them voice instructions. They listen in and interact with it by pressing a number on their phone keypad to select the next thing. Through this experience, the user can select the desired course, and listen to an audio recording of the course content on the phone.


  1. Starting a Savings Group
  2. Agribusiness Basics
  3. Starting A Business
  4. Business Opportunities for the Disadvantaged Groups

relevant content to learners

We let our learners and clients go through a process that prepares them for excellence in their career and professions.